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Social Media Advertising

Exclusive Advertising Platform by INSIGHT-SOFTWARE



Our exclusive digital advertising platform, AD HUNTER Network, spans globally with over 110,000 unique website ad spaces, connecting 6,800+ websites worldwide. With a daily exposure of over 1 million impressions, it provides high-intensity exposure to build and deepen your brand image.

Global Exclusivity

Our globally exclusive network offers clients exceptional advertising proposals.


Ads are not restricted by monitored approval, allowing direct targeting of your audience.


Advertising costs are 50% lower than other digital advertising options.

Social Media Platform



Instagram is the epitome of visual communication, allowing you to showcase your unique brand style through beautiful images and videos. With Instagram advertising, you can reach a vast audience, particularly a young demographic interested in fashion, creativity, and trends. It's a platform to connect with potential customers and create an attractive brand image.

Dual Exposure

Integrated with Facebook, one ad can reach audiences on both social platforms.

Visual Impact

As a primarily image-based social platform, it showcases products and services through visual storytelling.

Interactive Engagement

Achieve exposure and dissemination through user interactions such as sharing, liking, and commenting.



Facebook boasts a vast user base and diverse audience, offering various ad formats and tools. You can choose to display ads in users' News Feeds, on the sidebar, or through affiliated platforms like Messenger.

Precision Targeting

We assist brands in selecting the optimal ad solutions and deliver them accurately to the target audience based on your advertising objectives.

Smart Optimization

Our advanced intelligent ad optimization system employs precise targeting strategies to reach the target audience effectively.

Brand Exposure

With the social interactivity advantage of ads, users can comment, share, and like, enhancing the brand's social influence and reputation.


Twitter is a globally renowned social media platform, and through Twitter advertising, you can propel your brand to a worldwide audience.

With an extensive user base exceeding 300 million people actively engaging on this platform, it means you can establish connections with potential customers worldwide, thereby expanding your brand influence.

Exclusive Partnership with the Original Platform

Insight software holds exclusive support from Twitter's original platform and offers a unique advertising product line, catering to diverse industries and assisting clients in reaching an international audience.

Independent Account Management

Clients have autonomy over their individual advertising accounts, allowing them to instantly review data in the advertising backend.

High Conversion Rates

The advertising conversion rates are significant, ensuring that each advertising investment yields the maximum return.

兌心科技Google Ads


Google is the world's largest search engine, and through Google advertising, you can present your brand and products to billions of potential customers. Google Ads possess precise audience targeting capabilities, allowing you to ensure that your ads are displayed only to the most interested users through settings such as keywords and geographical location, thereby increasing clickthrough rates and conversion rates.

Global Integration

Connect globally through advertising on the largest video platform, YouTube, and the worldwide ad network.

Enormous Traffic

Experience over 5 billion daily impressions from users worldwide.

Advanced Database Analytics

Utilize a robust backend database and tracking tools for accurate targeting of the desired audience.



TikTok is the world's most popular short-form video social platform, catering to a demographic that resonates with the younger generation. It provides a seamless gateway to a user community characterized by fashion, creativity, and vibrant energy. Leveraging native advertising, brand collaborations, challenge campaigns, and hashtag promotions, you can showcase your brand and products within user-generated short video content.

Official Authorization

As an officially authorized advertising agency, we possess an exclusive product line, ensuring legitimacy and credibility.

Vast User Base

With an active user base exceeding one billion, TikTok stands as the current global leader in terms of visitation.

Viral Trend Promotion

Positioned at the epicenter of internet culture, TikTok has a profound influence in the era of short-form video, rapidly generating trends and amplifying engagement.


INSIGHT SOFTWARE- Your Ultimate Business Partner

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