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Cloud Computing

Why do businesses need to adopt cloud computing?


Traditionally, corporate data and information were stored on hardware devices, posing a high risk of loss. Today, these data can be securely stored in a high-security cloud infrastructure, ensuring the safety and confidentiality of your information.


With internet access, data and information stored in the cloud can be accessed at any time, allowing for the enjoyment of cloud services. Business teams are no longer confined by spatial distances and can instantly view updated content, thereby enhancing team efficiency.

High Scalability

When a company's website becomes paralyzed due to excessive loads, cloud computing serves as a lifesaver, efficiently allocating computing resources to the website. This enables swift operation even during peak traffic periods.

Elastic Scalability

In the event of a surge in website traffic, cloud computing enables rapid expansion of website capabilities. This flexibility allows for the seamless adjustment of capacity, either increasing or decreasing, providing you with perfect control over the website's adaptability as needed.

Cost Reduction

A well-optimized cloud architecture assists businesses in running projects directly over the network, eliminating the need for extensive hardware purchases. Besides cost savings, this approach allows you to concentrate on the maintenance and operation of your enterprise.

Unlimited Storage Space

As enterprises expand in scale, they often encounter challenges related to insufficient storage space. However, by transitioning data, information, and fault-tolerant systems to cloud services, concerns about inadequate data storage space become a thing of the past.



AWS是全球最全面和廣泛採納的雲端平台,透過全球資料中心提供超過 200 項功能完整的服務。


數百萬個客戶 —包括成長最快的新創公司、最大型企業以及領先的政府機構—都使用 AWS 來降低成本、變得更靈活,且更迅速地創新。

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