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Insight-Software offers comprehensive cloud-based blockchain financial services,aiming to be the guiding force for clients transitioning from WEB2.0 to WEB3.0 markets

and serving as your strategic partner in the cloud.

What is Web 3.0?

Web 3.0 is the third iteration of the World Wide Web featuring addition of blockchain and decentralization technology on the existing web infrastructure of Web 2.0.

Web 3.0 Strengths:

Decentralized Saving
Against attacks and Regulations

Data Credibility
High shareability,
High security and immutability

Data as Assets
Users have the ownership over data and virtual assets

Insight Software Services

Web 2.0 SaaS cloud services

Web 3.0 SaaS services:

High Availability and Scalability

Cost Optimization and Operation Analysis

Enhanced Product Development Efficiency

Selection of Various Main Chains and Nodes Systems

Decentralized Storage Optimization

Enhanced Quality for Development of Smart Contracts

Why need Web 3.0 SaaS?

The rapid development of blockchain technology has led to high developing costs and technical barriers, so Web 3.0 SaaS is used to accelerate the project development process.

兌心科技Web3.0 SssS

What does the blockchain have to do with you?

We can divide data-based companies into the following three categories:

Data Driven

Your company revolves around data and information systems.

EX:banking, exchange, gaming,  information security related industries

Data Partial

Your company has its specialization, but it needs to upgrade its management, and it uses information software systems while maintaining operations.

EX:medical, transportation, energy, e-commerce industries

Data Sparse

uses the least data. The company uses nearly no data except for money flows.

EX:manufacturing, restaurant, factory industry

The Relationship between These

Three Industries and Blockchain:

Category 1

Category 1 companies will definitely add money flow or different kinds of money flow services in the metaverse. Such companies’ products could also be decentralized or blockchained, plus some qualitative changes in the blockchain to create direct relations.

Category 2

Category 2 companies will only have partial data, and such companies could only be related to the metaverse with data. So, the industries that could help you are related to data and the blockchain.

Category 3

If you are in Category 3, there is almost no data in your industry, and there is not much intersection with software, so there is a gap between your company and the metaverse.

The Utility of Integrating Industries with Blockchain

Blockchain can be used to carry data and for money flow applications.

Data on the blockchain can achieve new and innovative service functions by applying the technology to use cases in different industries.

Money flow applications can be used for international trade payments, asset management, and fundraising for new products.

Regardless of the industry type

entering the metaverse world requires


Development team

Cloud service company

Insight Software stands out as the optimal collaborative partner that embodies both.

We leverage cloud services as a foundation and integrate WEB3.0 tools to create the most suitable development environment for developers.


SELENE is a project promoted by Insight Software

SELENE provides an all-in-one solution for blockchain developers, integrating various Web 3.0 development tools, making it the best educational material for blockchain learning.

selene logo《‧S‧》

Insight's Exclusive Product:
Web 3.0 SaaS Management Platform

Web 3.0 SaaS Management Platform

Pain Points

  • Lengthy Learning and Research Duration

  • Complex and Scattered Account


  • Payment Process Involving Conversions of

    Multiple Currencies

  • Decentralized Control by Finance and

    R&D Functions


  • Cross-Platform SaaS Usage Information Display

  • Single Portal Centralized Management and Development Tool

  • Management of Multi-Currency Conversion and Top-Up History


• Development Duration

Reduced ↓70%

• Cost Reduced ↓85%

• Project Success Rate

Enhanced ↑50%

Easy operation


Build Infrastructure within a few clicks

SELENE is a project promoted by Insight Software



Single sign-on (SSO) for all your tools

More convenient uses of dev tools

Various Plug-and-play dev tools


Focus on your work without worrying

about complexity of management

Grasping status at a glance

Cost overview of projects and tools at ease

Easily manage multi projects

selene dashboard
selene dashboard 長條圖圓餅圖


Selene makes it easy to use Dapps

NFT  Marketplace





INSIGHT SOFTWARE- Your Ultimate Business Partner

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